20. Feb 2019

Install Proxmox on HP DL380 Gen8

UPDATE I had to learn it the hard way… Just don’t do what I did and get yourself an HBA controller right away! Otherwise you will run into (performance) problems sooner or later. I was in the situation to install Proxmox on a second hand HP DL380 Gen8 Server with a P420i RAID controller. Since Proxmox supports installation to ZFS out of the box I wanted to make use of that.

18. Apr 2017

Arch Linux on an encrypted ZFS root system

Note as of October 2019 The native ZFS encryption introduced in version 0.8 is working quite fine and you can use it for a root file system. With this in mind this guide is probably a bit outdated. This blog entry is my personal documentation. If it helps others even better. I will try to keep it as up to date as possible. What helped me when I tried this the first time was the github gist by codedreality.