20. Feb 2019

Install Proxmox on HP DL380 Gen8

I was in the situation to install Proxmox on a second hand HP DL380 Gen8 Server with a P420i RAID controller. Since Proxmox supports installation to ZFS out of the box I wanted to make use of that. Unfortunately with the somewhat older hardware there were a few hiccups I ran into. Hopefully with this blog entry I can help some people to save time and get their system up and running a bit faster than I did.

18. Apr 2017

Arch Linux on an encrypted ZFS root system

This blog entry is my personal documentation. If it helps others even better. I will try to keep it as up to date as possible. What helped me when I tried this the first time was the github gist by codedreality. Since then I modified and adapted his procedure a bit to fit my personal needs. The goal is to have an encrypted Arch Linux running on ZFS as root file system with an additional swap partition to enable hibernation.