Every once in a while a nice project comes by, a project during which I can learn something new, get something interesting done. The following is an excerpt of those projects.


Realized in 2009 Used C++, CodeIgniter, MySQL

I was approached by local volunteer fire departments to program an alarm converter. This was necessary because many of their members work at a factory in which they don’t have good reception with their pagers and thus are missing emergencies.

The alarm converter is a daemon running on a Linux computer. It listens for alarm messages from a pager that is connected to the computer via a serial link. It analyzes the messages to identify the addressed fire department and forwards them via the companies internal email and telephone system to the workers DECT phones.

A database is used to store the configuration and logs. They can be accessed and edited via a web interface.


  • Linux daemon
  • gets messages from pager
  • forwards them as email (to DECT phones)
  • web interface for administration

Booking Calendar

Realized in 2009-current Used PHP, Contao CMS

I created this simple booking calendar while working on the web site for Haus Engel.

It is possible to distinguish between regular start and end days on which the group in the house will change and fully booked days.

The extension checks if any bookings are colliding.

It is available in the Contao Extension Repository or on Github.

XML 2 Excel

Realized in 2012 Used C#, SQL CE, ExcelPackage

A small Windows application that takes a catalog of data that is only available in the form of XML files and converts it into an Excel file.

The data is stored in a local SQL CE database to allow quicker updates from new versions of the catalog. It is also possible to edit the data before exporting it.

Internal Event Planner

Realized in 2011 Used PHP, Contao CMS

An event planner for internal purposes. Besides the date and time, each event allows to store the following information

  • title
  • category
  • place
  • room
  • person responsible
  • description
  • status if approved

The export function let’s you select a time frame and exports all approved events into a PDF file to be printed and put on information boards.

This Contao extensions isn’t currently publicly available.