13. Apr 2017

F5 - add route through the MGMT interface

Quick note to myself. Having an environment where some services (LDAP, Radius, …) that the F5 needs to access are not reachable from the Virtual Server but only via the management interface can be tricky. Adding a specific route to the host in question will solve this. The command where is the server we want to reach and the gateway for the management interface is: tmsh create sys management-route 10.

15. Feb 2017

Get last and first element in a URL

While working on this website with HUGO I needed the first and last element of the current URL in variables at some point. There is a snippet available to get the last element in a URL that does some delimit and split magic. When looking into how to get the first element I came up with another way to also get the last element that might be a bit more understandable.